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Capitol Notes


Nebraska insurance legislative news and videos. 

11/21/16 Capitol Notes: Nebraska Election Results

10/14/16 Capitol Notes: IIAN Endorses Unicameral Candidates

2/12/16 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Wanted to go to Washington DC

6/1/15 Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wraps Up

4/13/15 Capitol Notes: Business & Labor Committee Advances Bill to Remedy Problems with Uninsured Independent Contractors - LB 276

3/31/15 Capitol Notes:  Ricketts Visits IIAN Members at Senators Reception

 2/11/15 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Needed to Go to 
Washington D.C.; 2015 Unicam in Full Swing

12/23/14 Capitol Notes:Big "I" Presents Potential Marketplace Implications Due to Congressional Inaction On TRIA Reauthorization

11/14/14 Capitol Notes: Ricketts Retains Ramge as NE Insurance Director

10/06/14 Capitol Notes: U.S. Senate Candidates at IIAN's 107th Annual Convention

 4/25/14: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up

3/13/14: Capitol Notes

3/10/14: Capitol Notes

2/07/14: Capitol Notes

6/12/13: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up


Action Updates & Alerts
4/6/15: Action Alert: Independent Contractor Bill
3/26/15: Action Alert: Farm Bill & Crop Insurance
12/29/14: Action Update: COOPORTUNITY HEALTH
12/12/14: Action Alert: TRIA Voice Your Support!
5/1/14: Action Update: NE Insurance Dept Notices
3/4/14: Action Alert: House Flood Bill

 2016 Unicameral Updates

The 60-day 2016 Unicameral 'short' legislative session adjourned on April 20th, and only a handful of bills directly impacting insurance were among the 216 that passed. [more]
On the 20th the Legislature will discuss motions to override gubernatorial vetoes (if any) and a few final legislative resolutions before adjourning the session Sine Die. [more]
Last week the Legislature conducted full day and late night floor debate on 2016 Priority Bills. All bills that are not passed this session will die when the Legislature adjourns on April 20. [more]
Last week the Legislature engaged in full day floor debate of priority bills and passed the $8.7 billion budget package. The Governor has until Wednesday, March 30, to decide on line item vetoes. [more]
See this article for updated status of bills IIAN is watching. [more]
One of the Insurance Department bills (LB 758) and LB 840 passed final reading. Another Insurance Department bill (LB 772) was scheduled for second-round debate Monday, March 7th on the floor. [more]
Some bills that IIAN has been watching have been killed, including LB556. [more]
Three bills are now on IIAN's watch list: LB 837, LB 994, and LB 772. [more]
The Speaker will be announcing his priority bills on Monday, Feb 22. IIAN is watching LB 772 and others. [more]
We have continued to add to our list of co-sponsors for LB276 Last week Senators Coash, Gloor, Lindstrom, Johnson, and Watermeier formally signed on to the bill – joining Senators Harr, Kolterman, McCollister, Krist, Davis, and Schilz. bringing the total to 11 co-sponsors. [more]
Last week Senators Coash, Gloor, Lindstrom, Johonson, and Watermeier formally signed on to the bill LB276 – joining Senators Harr, Kolterman, McCollister, Krist, Davis, and Schilz. [more]
IIAN's Legislative committee is in the process of reviewing 17 new bills impacting agents and the insurance industry. [more]
On Friday IIAN hosted our Day at the Capitol with the inauguration of the Legislative Advisory Council/Ambassadors program at a packed issues briefing, and a sold-out luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion, with 30 Nebraska senators and Insurance Director Bruce Ramge. [more]
Nearly 190 bills have been introduced during the first three days of the new session. [more]


 2015 Unicameral Updates

See what happened or didn't happen on the last day of the 2015 session. [more]
Thursday, May 7, was the 77th day of the current 90-day session, which has only 13 working days left. Last week, Nebraska lawmakers spent a lot of time on the 2015-17 budget bills, which must be passed no later than Thursday, May 14. [more]
LB 629 advanced to Select File on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by a vote of 39 to 1. [more]
After weeks of negotiation on a final committee amendment, and grassroots support from IIAN members, on April 9 the Business & Labor Committee advanced LB 276 to General File on a unanimous 6-0 vote. [more]
IIAN’s Legislative Issues Briefing and Senators Reception on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 was a major success, with 80 members, senators, and regulators enjoying refreshments and discussion. [more]
The following bills on our watch list have been designated 'Priority': 458 (travel insurance producer licenses), 480 (WC-changes to computing compensation), 629 (Mello-TNC regulation, amendment pending), and 623 (permit driver's licenses - persons with lawful status). [more]
At IIAN’s request, LB 276 was introduced by Business & Labor Committee Chairman Burke Harr of Omaha, to address the growing problem of independent contractors who do not insure themselves for workers compensation. [more]
Business & Labor Committee hearing LB276 on Monday, February 23rd, at 1:30 p.m. [more]
IIAN’s Legislative committee will meet on January 29 in Omaha, to determine positions on bills introduced this year, and plan for bill hearings. [more]