Licensing Information


All licensing information should be confirmed by the Nebraska Department of Insurance. 

This page is merely a helpful guide to some commonly asked questions by Licensed Producers. 

You may contact the NE Deptartment of Insurance by mail, email, phone, etc.
PO Box 82089
Lincoln, NE  68501
Phone:  402-471-2201

Department of Insurance Regulations: 

  1. No licensee is required to complete more than 24 cumulative hours in any two-year period (including at least 3 hours of ethics).
  2. Licensees must complete courses specifically approved for the line in which licensed, unless the course is designated "General" or "Ethics-General".  Producers licensed in both Property & Casualty and Combined Life & Health may complete courses approved for either type.  Assessment Assn. and Miscellaneous Lines licensees may complete courses approved for Property & Casualty provided the course relates directly to the licensed line.
  3. A licensee may not repeat an approved course within a two-year period.
  4. Upon completing an approved education course, the education providers will be responsible for submitting CEUs to the State Based Systems Database on the licensees behalf.

    For a list of approved courses, along with instructions and fees, contact the Nebraska Department of Insurance –, 402-471-4913.


    Do you sell Flood Insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program ("NFIP")?  If yes, you are required by the Flood Insurance Reform Act ("FIRA) of 2004 to complete a one-time course related to NFIP which will provide at least three hours of CE.  (This is not in addition to the normal 24 required for renewal.)  View the DOI Bulletin on Flood Insurance Education Here

    To comply: insurance producers must be able to show a CE certificate of completion for the approved flood course.

NOTICE: All IIAN CE credits are now electronically uploaded to State Based Systems (SBS) within 10 days of the course, provided the CE fees are paid for

 On the State Based Systems website you can:

  1. See your renewal cycle/expiration date
  2. See how many CEUs you have or still need.
  3. Print your license (one time Free.)

Do you know how to check your credits, your compliance, your expiration date or other facts about your insurance producers license?  If you don't, check out this brief "How-To" document to help you through the process. 


View the Nebraska Insurance Department's "Frequently Asked Quesitons" on licensing and Continuing Education requirements.

How to renew your producers license:

Once you have earned all the CEUs that you need and are "compliant" on the State Based Systems website you may renew your license.  You may renew up to 120 days prior to your expiration date.  Renewals are done on the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website.

Click on the "RENEW" button and follow the instructions that will be given.  Once you have renewed - go back to the State Based Systems website to print a copy of your new license.  (One time is free, so save an electronic copy to your desktop!)