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Pricing is Dead! Long Live Pricing!:
To Succeed You Need To Understand Insurance

​July 18
90-minute webinar
Best Practices for Agency Operations: The Buyer Coverage Ratio
​July 23, 2018
July Lightning Learning: Personal and Business Auto Policies

1. Insurance and Autonomous Vehicles
2. Applying the "Business Use Exclusion" in the Personal Auto Policy
3. Why Personally-Owned Autos Don't Belong on the BAP

​July 10, 24, 31
Each session is 20 minutes

It's heeere! The Big "I" Virtual University's 2018 COI Webinar:
The Never-Ending Problems with Certificates of Insurance

​August 15
90-minute webinar
August Lightning Learning: Contractor Risks

1. Your Insureds and Contractual Risk Transfer
2. Explaining the Total Cost of Risk (It's More Than Premiums)
3. Coinsurance – Down and Dirty Explanation

​August 7, 16, 28
Each session is 20 minutes
Ransom, Ransomware & Other Bad Stuff

​September 12
90-minute webinar

​Best Practices for Agency Operations: 2018 Study Update Overview​
​September 18
​​​​​​​​​​Looking for New Agent Training? Click here to learn more about our new Basics & Beyond series.​ ​
September Lightning Learning: OCP, MCS-90, Liquor Liability

1. Is an OCP Worth the Premium?
2. Is the MCS-90 Broader Than the BAP
3. Understanding Liquor Liability Laws and Coverage

​September 6, 18, 27
Each session is 20 minutes
​Inland Marine

​October 17
90-minute webinar

​October Lightning Learning: Trick or Treat, Blogging, Ordinance or Law

1. The Trouble with Trick or Treaters – What to Tell Your Clients
2. Do Your HO Clients Blog (Or Talk Bad About ANYONE)? You Better Know
3. Ordinance or Law Problems for Homeowners

​October 10, 24, 31
Each session is 20 minutes

In the Aftermath of the Storm: An Agent's Perspective​

​November 14
2-hour CE webinar

November Lightning Learning: Trailers, BAP Coverage Symbols & Endorsements

1. Trailers, Trailers Everywhere – But Which Policy Provides Coverage
2. Secrets Within BAP Coverage Symbols
3. Three BAP Endorsements Every Agent Should Consider

​November 8, 19, 27
Each session is 20 minutes
Five Contractor Coverage Concepts Every Agent MUST Understand

​December 12
2-hour CE webinar
December Lightning Learning: "Premium Leakage"

1. What Does Your Underwriter Mean by "Premium Leakage"
2. Why are Exclusions Excluded?

​December 6, 19
Each session is 20 minutes

Reminder:  if you can't participate in a live session, don't worry! With your paid registration, you automatically receive a link to the on-demand recording within days of the live event so you can learn at your leisure; and with all 1-1/2-hour VU webinars, you'll receive a written transcript as well.