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Capitol Notes


Nebraska insurance legislative news and videos. 

11/21/16 Capitol Notes: Nebraska Election Results

10/14/16 Capitol Notes: IIAN Endorses Unicameral Candidates

2/12/16 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Wanted to go to Washington DC

6/1/15 Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wraps Up

4/13/15 Capitol Notes: Business & Labor Committee Advances Bill to Remedy Problems with Uninsured Independent Contractors - LB 276

3/31/15 Capitol Notes:  Ricketts Visits IIAN Members at Senators Reception

 2/11/15 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Needed to Go to 
Washington D.C.; 2015 Unicam in Full Swing

12/23/14 Capitol Notes:Big "I" Presents Potential Marketplace Implications Due to Congressional Inaction On TRIA Reauthorization

11/14/14 Capitol Notes: Ricketts Retains Ramge as NE Insurance Director

10/06/14 Capitol Notes: U.S. Senate Candidates at IIAN's 107th Annual Convention

 4/25/14: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up

3/13/14: Capitol Notes

3/10/14: Capitol Notes

2/07/14: Capitol Notes

6/12/13: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up


Action Updates & Alerts
4/6/15: Action Alert: Independent Contractor Bill
3/26/15: Action Alert: Farm Bill & Crop Insurance
12/29/14: Action Update: COOPORTUNITY HEALTH
12/12/14: Action Alert: TRIA Voice Your Support!
5/1/14: Action Update: NE Insurance Dept Notices
3/4/14: Action Alert: House Flood Bill

 2018 Unicameral Updates

See information about LB 220 and LB743. [more]
The Speaker has announced that bills will be heard on Final Reading this week. See IIAN's bills of potential interest here. [more]
Of the five bills supported by IIAN, two were passed and three held over. [more]
The 2018 Legtislative Session has begun, with a total of 207 new bills being introduced this year. [more]

 2017 Unicameral Updates

The Legislature adjourned sine die on May 23, 2017 on Day 86 of the scheduled 90-day session. This 2017 session was relatively short (86 of 90 days) and unproductive (26% of bills passed vs. the usual 33%) by historical standards. [more]
Three Insurance Department bills have been passed: LB137, LB231 and LB241. [more]
Insurance Department bills have seen recent floor action and have a good chance - LB 137, LB231, LB 241, and LB406. [more]
IIAN’s major initiative this session is LB 553, introduced by Senator John Lowe, to address the problem of independent contractors who do not insure themselves for workers’ compensation. [more]
LB137, the Unclaimed Life insurance benefits Act, was advanced for its second round of debate. LB486 was advanced for first-round floor consideration. [more]
Various bills being watched by IIAN; LB137, LB181, LB 553 & LB 486. Read about the details. [more]
LB 181 has been named a priority bill. IIAN also supports LB 486. [more]
This update includes a list of IIAN's bills of special interest. [more]
Committee hearings for IIAN's two major issues this session are scheduled for this week: LB553 & LB 643. [more]
Committee hearings have been scheduled for February 27th for LB 553 and February 28th for LB643. [more]
Monday, Jan 30 - IIAN will be testifying in support of two Insurance Department bills: LB 231 and LB241. [more]
This week's IIAN Bills of Interest are LB 181 and LB388. [more]
Committee hearings begin on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017. [more]