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Capitol Notes


Nebraska insurance legislative news and videos. 

11/21/16 Capitol Notes: Nebraska Election Results

10/14/16 Capitol Notes: IIAN Endorses Unicameral Candidates

2/12/16 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Wanted to go to Washington DC

6/1/15 Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wraps Up

4/13/15 Capitol Notes: Business & Labor Committee Advances Bill to Remedy Problems with Uninsured Independent Contractors - LB 276

3/31/15 Capitol Notes:  Ricketts Visits IIAN Members at Senators Reception

 2/11/15 Capitol Notes: Young Agents Needed to Go to 
Washington D.C.; 2015 Unicam in Full Swing

12/23/14 Capitol Notes:Big "I" Presents Potential Marketplace Implications Due to Congressional Inaction On TRIA Reauthorization

11/14/14 Capitol Notes: Ricketts Retains Ramge as NE Insurance Director

10/06/14 Capitol Notes: U.S. Senate Candidates at IIAN's 107th Annual Convention

 4/25/14: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up

3/13/14: Capitol Notes

3/10/14: Capitol Notes

2/07/14: Capitol Notes

6/12/13: Capitol Notes: Unicameral Session Wrap-up


Action Updates & Alerts
4/6/15: Action Alert: Independent Contractor Bill
3/26/15: Action Alert: Farm Bill & Crop Insurance
12/29/14: Action Update: COOPORTUNITY HEALTH
12/12/14: Action Alert: TRIA Voice Your Support!
5/1/14: Action Update: NE Insurance Dept Notices
3/4/14: Action Alert: House Flood Bill

 2018 Unicameral Updates

LB 486 will allow up to 6 CEUs (out of 24 every 2 years in Nebraska) for 'active participation in a professional insurance association'- by attending a formal meeting of the association; active service on a board or committee; or participation in industry, regulatory, or legislative meetings. IIAN will be working with the Nebraska Insurance Department as rules are developed for implementation of the new law. LB 743 adopts the Public Adjusters Licensing Act, eliminates the pre-licensing education requirement for insurance producers, and requires course providers to file for re-approval of approved continuing education courses every four years. It was also amended to include provisions from LB 220, the Insured Homeowners Protection Act, regarding assignment of rights to a contractor following a loss. [more]
LB 299 was advanced to Final Reading, and is scheduled to be approved on the last day of the session, April 18. There is an interim study - LR 401 - which may allow the Insurance Department and IIAN to advocate for exclusion of insurance producer licenses from the Act. [more]
On Friday April 6th, two Insurance Department bills advanced to Final Reading: 799 and 815; as did LB 1012, which provides for a limited producer license for self-service storage facility operators. [more]
On Monday March 26th the following bills advanced to Select File: LB799 Kolterman “Modify deadlines and sanctions in the Surplus Lines Insurance Act; LB815 Schumacher “Provide regulatory authority regarding reinsurance”; LB957 Lowe “Monitor “Provide procedures for choosing a method of payment for payments under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act”, with amendments which allow the injured worker to choose a method of payment; and LB1012 Harr “Authorize self-service storage facility operator insurance producer licenses” [more]
LB 743 passed on Final Reading. Read about unexpected development with LB299, which IIAN opposes. [more]
Two Workers' Compensation bills LB 953 and LB 957 have been designated as priorities, and were placed on General File on February 22nd. LB 486 was signed by the Governor on February 28th. [more]
IIAN nows opposes LB299. LB486 was passed on final reading. LB 473 was advanced to Final Reading. [more]
See information about LB 220 and LB743. [more]
The Speaker has announced that bills will be heard on Final Reading this week. See IIAN's bills of potential interest here. [more]
Of the five bills supported by IIAN, two were passed and three held over. [more]
The 2018 Legtislative Session has begun, with a total of 207 new bills being introduced this year. [more]

 2017 Unicameral Updates

The Legislature adjourned sine die on May 23, 2017 on Day 86 of the scheduled 90-day session. This 2017 session was relatively short (86 of 90 days) and unproductive (26% of bills passed vs. the usual 33%) by historical standards. [more]
Three Insurance Department bills have been passed: LB137, LB231 and LB241. [more]
Insurance Department bills have seen recent floor action and have a good chance - LB 137, LB231, LB 241, and LB406. [more]
IIAN’s major initiative this session is LB 553, introduced by Senator John Lowe, to address the problem of independent contractors who do not insure themselves for workers’ compensation. [more]
LB137, the Unclaimed Life insurance benefits Act, was advanced for its second round of debate. LB486 was advanced for first-round floor consideration. [more]
Various bills being watched by IIAN; LB137, LB181, LB 553 & LB 486. Read about the details. [more]
LB 181 has been named a priority bill. IIAN also supports LB 486. [more]
This update includes a list of IIAN's bills of special interest. [more]
Committee hearings for IIAN's two major issues this session are scheduled for this week: LB553 & LB 643. [more]
Committee hearings have been scheduled for February 27th for LB 553 and February 28th for LB643. [more]
Monday, Jan 30 - IIAN will be testifying in support of two Insurance Department bills: LB 231 and LB241. [more]
This week's IIAN Bills of Interest are LB 181 and LB388. [more]
Committee hearings begin on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017. [more]