Omnia And Caliper

Employee Assessments

Hiring the right employee is essential.  Get help by putting your Big "I" membership to work for you at either Omnia or Caliper. 

IIAN Omnia Profile Program:

As an IIAN member, your agency is eligible for a FREE Omnia Behavioral Assessment!

The Omnia Profile report that you receive post assessment includes easy to read graphs and a clear non-clinical discussion on how compatible a prospective or existing employee is with a job, a work culture and a management approach. The report also spells out what motivates that person and whether you need to tweak strategies to improve the sales-to-close ratio.

You can compare one employee to another, gain insight into team dynamics, inherent behaviors and potential areas of morale-lowering group conflict. Knowing how and why some producers succeed, some struggle and others simply fail allows you to be a more effective, attuned manager who triggers desirable employee behavior.

Get started today!  Contact:  Carletta Clyatt | 800-525-7117  x1226 |


Learn more at The Omnia Group website at:


IIABA Caliper Program:

Big "I" members receive discounted pricing on Caliper products to help your agency with pre-employment assessments, staff development and corporate culture.

What does Caliper offer?

Pre-employment assessments
Get clear about which candidates have the greatest potential to succeed and make your most informed, confident hiring decisions ever.

Talent Development
Caliper's three-phase approach to talent development focuses on exceptional performance and remarkable, measureable results. 

Corporate Culture
Transform the culture you have to the culture you need. We’ll put your vision in perspective and provide solutions for achieving your goals.


Visit the Caliper website to learn more about each of these areas.


What is my Big "I" discount?

Big "I" members receive $50 off a Caliper Profile (final price $245) and 10 percent off other products.

Order by calling 609.524.1200 and identifying yourself as an IIABA member.