Remote Staffing

wahve_logo.pngWAHVE’s mission is to provide the highest quality innovative onshore remote staffing services to insurance agents, brokers and insurers, enabling them to achieve significant bottom-line savings and growth by capturing the brain trust of the industry’s retirees, helping our retirees supplement their retirement income working from home and keeping jobs in America.
IIAN Benefit for Members: 
Big I members get a 50% discount!
  • Experienced and qualified insurance professionals available to help your agency.
  • Access to a large talent pool of highly qualified, trained, experienced insurance industry retirees across the country.
  • Amounts depend on amount of hours services are provided.
  • Have minimal start-up costs and time.
  • Eliminate the worry about health care changes, tax increases, or the political issue of outsourcing overseas.
  • Supplement your staff and perform daily back-office tasks and processes and/or customer service, saving 40-50% on staff costs and overhead.
  • Free up highly paid staff for increased client and prospect time, increasing retention, new business, revenues and margins.
When would you use a WAHVE?
  • To mentor and bring along a producer who may not have a strong insurance background 
  • To help cover back office duties to allow producers and CSR's to refocus on sales and service 
  • To maintain productivity if an employee is on maternity or other extended leave 
  • To focus agency marketing efforts on a new segment of business
Getting Started with WAHVE
Contact Bill Hunt with WAHVE to discuss your needs further and get additional details.
Phone: 347-292-3757
You will be provided with a list of candidates that match your requirements 
You will work with WAHVE to interview and select your candidate
Visit the WAHVE website at

How could you use a WAHVE on a full, part time or project basis?

  • Full service staffing, including:
  • Live customer service representative (Commercial or Personal lines)
  • Sales & marketing assistant
  • Claims representative
  • Underwriter
  • Special knowledge expert on hard to place or niche lines of business
  • Mentors & trainers 
Back office process support, including but not limited to:
  • Preparation of new and renewal business applications
  • Quoting & proposal preparation
  • Loss run ordering & analysis
  • Policy checking
  • Premium audits
  • Certificates issuance
  • Change requests/endorsements
  • Indexing of scanned documents
  • Claims support
  • Excess & surplus lines filings
  • Accounting & finance 
Find out more:
Interested in becoming a WAHVE?
WAHVE can help you earn a supplemental income in addition to your retirement income and opportunities exist for full and part time work.
To be considered as a WAHVE you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Must have insurance experience 
  2. Must have a dedicated workspace in your home 
  3. Must have a fully updated computer system to utilize during working hours 
  4. Must have high-speed internet access 
Visit the WAHVE site for more.
Client Testimonials
Justin Foa, President, Foa & Son:
“The insurance brokerage industry has a problem in that it’s a graying industry. A lot of talent has gone to Wall Street or other financial fields and consequently we don’t have a lot of young talent available. WAHVE is tapping into mature talent that’s sitting on the sidelines and making use of it in a financially attractive way for agency owners.”

John O ’Brien, Chief Concerned Officer, O ’Brien Insurance:
“We’ve been primarily a Personal Lines agency, and wanted to expand our Commercial Lines book in order to grow. We are using WAHVE to do this and it’s been terrific. Our WAHVE is helping us in rounding out clients by reviewing renewals, upselling to existing clients when she sees a coverage is needed or is now available. We are very happy with how things are working.”