IIAN Legislative Advisory Council & Ambassadors

The IIAN Legislative Advisory Council enables IIAN members to support the advocacy efforts of the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska.  As a Council member you will provide valuable feedback to the IIAN Legislative committee to help guide IIAN’s activity and position on multiple legislative issues.

Legislative Advisory Council

Joining the Council gives you the opportunity to:

Help your industry and provide advice on important legislation that will affect how you do business now and in the future.

Learn more about why we have current regulations and what we can do to shape legislation that creates a fair and balanced system for consumers, agents and Nebraskans.

Communicate with elected officials and make a difference in your community.

As a member of the council you will:
  • Review current insurance related legislation being considered by the IIAN Legislative committee.
  • Provide feedback to the Council and the Council Chair on issues impacting your agency and potential legislative action that may impact IIAN members.
  • Act as a conduit for IIAN members who wish to provide feedback on legislative issues to the Legislative committee.
  • Attend Legislative Advisory Council conference call meetings.
  • ​Support IIAN grassroots efforts by contacting your local Senator, U.S. Congressional representatives and the Nebraska Governor when you receive grassroots alerts from IIAN.
What you can expect:
Four meetings per year via conference call.  Meetings will run no more than 1 hour, and minimal preparation time will be required.  You will be provided with top priority legislative documents when you join, and you will be expected to review them prior to each conference call.
Opportunities to attend legislative events held throughout Nebraska including town hall meetings, visits to the capitol, Senators’ receptions and issues briefings. These events will not be required for Council members, but are encouraged to maximize your experience.
Orientation materials and conference call overview will be available.

IIAN Ambassadors

In addition to being a member of the Legislative Advisory Council, you will also have the opportunity to be appointed to serve as an IIAN Ambassador.
The purpose of the Ambassador program is to create a trusted advisor relationship between elected officials and the independent insurance agency community.
In addition to the requirements of the Legislative Advisory Council, Ambassadors will be required to meet the Senator in their local district , and then meet with them personally during the year to discuss insurance issues.  (If you do not know your Senator, the IIAN staff and board will help facilitate the introduction.)
Ambassadors will:
  • represent IIAN when discussing insurance related issues with elected officials,
  • be expected to be well informed on top priority issues being considered by the IIAN legislative committee,
  • ​expected to participate in capitol visits, Senators' receptions and issues briefings.
For More Information Contact:
 Jeremiah Gudding, CIC
IIAN Marketing Director
LAC Member Contact Information
(NOTE: you must be log in with your Big "I" member id and password to access - call IIAN at 1-800-377-3985 if you need help)