Volunteer Opportunities

Join us! IIAN is led by a board of volunteer directors made up of members just like yourself. We need volunteers from across the state to bring fresh ideas and perspectives and help us continue to be the premier association for independent agents in Nebraska.
We hope you'll consider participating as a volunteer and discover a new way to contribute to our profession.
How can you make a difference? Choose your level of engagement:
  • Nebraska Committees and Task Forces
  • NASC Board
  • IIAN Board
  • National Committees and Task Forces 
Every effort will be made to place you in your primary area of interest. 


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Carol McClelland, CAE
Chief Executive Officer




Phone:  402-476-2951


 What's Involved

  • Actively engage in the work of the committee or task force to achieve its objectives and goals.
  • Attend meetings and conference calls as needed, with frequency determined by the group’s activities.
  • Make recommendations to the board to assist in their policy making decisions.
  • Committee member appointments are typically 1-year terms, beginning November 1 each year.
  • Task force appointments can vary from 1 month to 1 year, depending on the its objectives.
  • Members are appointed by the chairman of each committee/task force, in consultation with the President and CEO.
​Who We're Looking For
  • Members with specific areas of interest or expertise.
  • Those who want to join IIAN leadership, but perhaps not to the extent of serving at the board level.
Committee/Task Force Listing, Overviews, and Contacts
If you're interested in getting involved, e-mail the chairman of the committee or task force of your choice, or contact the IIAN office - 1-800-377-3985,  Join us!
Annual Convention
Meets 4-5 times each year to plan, market, conduct, and evaluate IIAN's annual convention held in early October.
Committee Chairperson: Michael Luna,     
Board Development
Meets 2-3 times each year to review IIAN's governance structure, bylaws, and non-profit member services, and make recommendations for updates and improvements to the IIAN Board of Directors.
​Committee Chairperson:  Mike Glaser,
Farm & Small Agents
Meets two to three times each year to plan and conduct IIAN's annual Winter Conference, for rural and small-town agents, held in February in Kearney.
Committee Chairperson: Jim Steider,

Crop Insurance Task Force
A new group formed to network and provide input and support to IIABA’s National Crop Insurance Task Force and Capitol Hill staff in advocating for the interests of agents in the Federal Crop Insurance program.  ​Meets two to three times each year.
Task Force ChairpersonTodd Anderson,
Finance Committee
Meets quarterly to monitor use of IIAN/NASC funds, and recommend financial plans and policies to the Board of Directors.
Committee Chairperson: Greg Zimmer,
Meets regularly, especially when the Nebraska Unicameral is in session, to plan IIAN's legislative activity and actively participate in the legislative process through grassroots lobbying and testifying. Plans and conducts biennial legislative briefing and senator reception. Supports the legislative activity of IIABA and supports Independent Insurance Agents' Political Action Committees (PAC's) on both the state (IIAN-PAC) and national (INSURPAC) levels. Represents IIAN members' interest to ISO, IIR/ACORD, the Nebraska Insurance Department, and similar organizations, and informs members of changes and developments. Participates in the IIABA National Legislative Conference.
Committee Chairperson: Bob Hoppe,
IIAN/InsurPac Chairperson: Vincent Christensen,
Legislative Advisory Council/Ambassadors
A new time-efficient way to support IIAN's advocacy efforts.  Council members provide valuable feedback to the IIAN Legislative committee to help guide IIAN’s activity and position on multiple legislative issues, and Ambassadors go a step further to develop personal relationships with elected officials.  Meets quarterly by conference call.​
For more information and to join:  
Council Chairperson: John Deardorff,

Membership Engagement Task Force
Meets as necessary to develop strategies and programs to increase member engagement and participation in associaiton programs and volunteer activities.
Task Force Chairperson:   Zak Morken,
New Talent Task Force
Meets as needed to develop and implement IIAN's New Talent college program, to connect member agencies with college students throughout Nebraska, and attract new talent to the independent agency system.
Task Force Chairperson:  Lori Ruzicka,

Trusted Choice® Task Force
Meets as needed to develop strategies and programs to promote the Big "I" independent agent brand to consumers, and increase member use of the brand.
Task Force Chairperson:   Tony Purvis,

Young Agents Task Force
Meet as needed to develop networking and learning opportunities for Young Agents throughout Nebraska.
Task Force Chairperson:  Elliot Bassett,

What's Involved

  • Three-year term beginning at the Annual Business Meeting in October.
  • Candidates are reviewed and recommended by the Nominating Committee.
  • IIAN board members are elected by the general membership by written ballot, both absentee prior to the Annual Business Meeting and during the meeting itself. 
  • Act in a strategic manner, in the best interest of IIAN and its related corporations on behalf of members.
  • Actively engage in board discussions and decisions to support the mission and goals of the association.
  • Attend three meetings: February/March (alternates between Lincoln and Kearney), October (in conjunction with Annual Convention), June/July (various locations in Nebraska - Board Planning Retreat).
  • Other responsibilities as outlined in the duties of a director.

Who We're Looking For

  • Members with specific areas of expertise, knowledge, opinions, and dedication to the issues surrounding our industry.
  • Leaders who want to influence the policy direction of the association.

Who To Contact:  If you are interested in Board service, contact Carol McClelland, CAE, IIAN CEO - 1-800-377-3985,

​Nebraska Agency Services Corporation (NASC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska.  NASC provides high-quality business products and services for IIAN members and their agencies, to support IIAN's mission:  "Advocating for the success of independent insurance professionals."   

What's Involved

  • Three-year term which begins in August/September, following the annual shareholder meeting.
  • Candidates are reviewed and recommended by the Nominating Committee.
  • NASC directors are elected by the shareholder (IIAN) through a proxy voting process at the annual shareholder meeting in August/September.
  • Actively engage in board discussions and decisions to support the mission and goals of NASC.
  • Attend three quarterly meetings (available by conference call), and annual meeting. Board meetings are typically held in January, April, June, and August (dates subject to change). 

Who We're Looking For

  • Innovative individuals that are in tune with the needs of independent agents
  • Visionaries who can anticipate future needs of the industry and are willing to introduce change
Who To Contact: If you are interested in NASC Board service, contact Carol McClelland, CAE, IIAN CEO - 1-800-377-3985,
If you're interested in serving the Big "I" at the national level, IIABA has many volunteer groups to consider.