Personal Excess

A&M Excess & Umbrella Program 

The A&M Personal Excess Program (PEP) is a stand-alone policy written in the standard market.  It does not require that the underlying policies be underwritten by A&M.  This personal umbrella may be written over automobile, personal liability, watercraft, recreational vehicles, and underlying umbrellas at a very reasonable price.  Also the A&M PEP can be written to cover apartment buildings, vacant land, and farm land.
  • $1 million and $2 million limits available - usually without special underwriting
  • $3 million, $4 million, $5 million, and $10 million limits are available with company approval and underwriting
  • $20 million limits are available under special circumstances with special rating

Flexible Rating Structure Allows for Difficult Exposures

  • Multiple youthful drivers
  • Less-than-perfect driving records
  • Multiple residences
  • Watercraft up to 300 hp
  • Vacant land
  • Family farms
  • Apartment houses and rental units
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Motorcyles, personal watercraft and snowmobiles
  • Log on to  Not yet registered for Big “I” Markets? Click here and register online.  It is easy to do and there are no fees or minimum volume commitments!
  • From the personal lines menu select Personal Umbrella Alternative Market
  • Click on 'Request a Quote' and enter the requested information.
  • Download, complete, and save the appropriate Supplemental Application. [You MUST finish and submit the online portion as well] The application may be downloaded ahead of time from Product Resources located in the blue, left-hand column.
  • The application MUST be completed in its entirety and signed by the applicant.
  • Attach the separate application using the 'New Message' feature. If you are unable to attach one or both of the applications you may fax them to 703-995-4406 and we will attach them for you.
  • Include the gross premium which may be sent as either:
    • Insured's check made payable to National Casualty or A&M
    • Insured's check endorsed to National Casualty or A&M
    • Your gross or net agency check with application
    • Applications cannot be processed if the premium calculation is incorrect or is less than the net premium.
  • To request to bind coverage, access the record in the Activity Box, click 'Request Binder' and complete the requested information.
  • The underwriter will respond with the terms of binder confirmation or the need for additional information.
  • Ask or answer any additional questions and communicate with the underwriter by sending it via 'New Message'.
If accepted, the effective date will be the day of receipt by A&M as posted on Big "I" Markets with completed application and premium check (or later date if requested).
Questions?  Contact Brenda Kaiser - 1-800-377-3985