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Have you offered the liability protection that your insureds need by recommending additional liability coverage? Consumers often wrongfully assume that their auto or home insurance will provide all the liability protection they need. The reality is that jury awards in personal liability lawsuits are unpredictable and often exceed limits carried by insureds or maximum limits written by many companies. 

The RLI Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) is an unsupported umbrella policy written in the standard market.  It does not require that underlying policies be underwritten by RLI.   The RLI PUP will cover operation of most motor vehicles and small watercraft, incidents involving any property covered by the basic homeowners policy, and incidents alleging slander, libel, defamation of character, invasions of privacy, and false arrest.
RLI’s Personal Umbrella Policy is accepting many new exposures - including $1,000,000 of Excess UM/UIM effective February 1, 2011 in Nebraska.  There’s something for almost everyone in our new underwriting box!
  • $1 million, $2 million, $3 million and $5 million limits available.
  • Three rating tiers: Preferred, Standard, and Standard II
  • Underlying policies can be written through different companies
  • No volume requirements
  • Simple self-underwriting application
  • Reduced minimum underlying limits available for risks that do not have any youthful (under age 22) drivers in the household
    (Effective 6/1/18 drivers under 22 eligible with basic limits)
  • Provides coverage worldwide
Now eligible for the RLI Personal Umbrella Policy:
  • Excess UM/UIM available in Nebraska effective February 1, 2011
  • Prior liability loss up to $50,000 effective June 1, 2018
  • Drivers of any age
  • 20–21 year old drivers can have up to 1 incident
    (Effective 6/1/18 drivers under 20 can have 1 violation OR at-fault accident)
  • Drivers with an international license
  • Up to 1 DWI/DUI per household
  • Up to 6 moving violations and 3 at fault accidents per household
  • Up to 10 autos (+25 antique autos) per household
  • Up to 10 properties per household (9 can be rentals eff. 6/1/18)
  • Up to 5 non-U.S. properties per household
To write RLI business, your agency must be appointed by RLI Insurance and maintain a minimum E&O limit of $1 million.  To obtain a complete packet, contact:   Cheryl Novacek
1-800-377-3985 or 1-402-476-2951


Get an electronic application and rater 

Click here to access an electronic application and rater  Once the electronic application is completed, it cannot be submitted electronically. 
  • Print the completed application
  • Applicant and agent must both sign and date the application
  • Send to NASC at the address below, along with gross premium check payable to NASC. 
All new RLI PUP submissions must be mailed with gross premium check payable to NASC to:
8231-B Northwoods Drive
Lincoln, NE 68505


 Cheryl Novacek 

Phone:  402-476-2951


PUP Access - RLI's electronic access system - is now available!  Apply for and manage policies online, including e-signature and credit card payment cababilities, billing and customer service inquiries.  Just call or e-mail Cheryl Novacek to get your agency set up! 


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