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Feb 18
E&O Exposure: Lawyers Increasing Ads Focusing on COVID

"From March through December of 2020, 176,053 advertisements for legal services and/or soliciting legal claims mentioning COVID-19 or coronavirus aired in the United States at an estimated cost of $34.4 million. As of February 1, 2021, 8,200 lawsuits related to COVID-19 have been filed in the United States."

​Click here to download the full report

It appears these ads have primarily appeared in southern states, but it is only a matter of time until they make their way to Nebraska.

​Do you insure any retailers, meat processing plants, supermarkets, or healthcare providers? If so, then those clients will soon be exposed to these ads intent on creating litigation.

Make sure your agency is doing everything in their power to limit your E&O exposure as legal pressures increase. For E&O risk management rsources, click here to visit "E&O Happens", and see how the Big I can help your agency protect itself.

For any questions regarding our exclusive Westport/Swiss Re E&O program, please contact, Brenda Kaiser, with any questions, or visit our E&O webpage.

E&O Happens


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