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Jul 22
IIAN Draws July PAC Raffle Winner

PAC Raffle 4th of July Social-Winner.jpg

This month’s PAC raffle tickets have been collected and a winner has been drawn. Congratulations to Jacque Giese of VO Enterprises, LLC, who is taking home a $500 gift card to Amazon!  

Now more than ever, insurance agents need to be tuned into what is happening in the legislative realm. 

The Big “I” works hard to protect its member agencies’ business and professional interests. The Association’s talented, experienced lobbyists in both Washington, D.C. and Lincoln strive to defend and support our members’ way of life. 

The simplest way for you to make a difference and have your voice heard is by making these PAC raffle contributions.  

PACs can speak with a collective voice that is much louder than that of an individual. Your political investment allows your presence to be felt around interests that impact the insurance industry and your agency! 


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