Don't miss John Dismukes as he presents in Kearney, Norfolk and Mahoney. AM Session: Issues with Answers; Commercial PC. PM Session: Closing the Communications Gap- Loss Prevention vs Mitigation.  *CE fee is $1 per credit hour. [+]
Let us help you get licensed in Life & Health.  Guaranteed results! Three days of class instruction to help you prepare for your state exam.  [+]
Analyze the coverages provided by the PAP & its major endorsements. Learn how the PAP responds to owned, borrowed or rented autos. Examine the PUP & how it benefits your insured. Discover who is an insured. Explore avenues for avoiding E&O exposures. Get the most up-to-date, state specific information available, and much more.  [+]
Commercial Casualty class focuses on Essential of Legal Liability, CGL Introduction, CGL Coverage Parts, and other Provisions as well as Additional Insureds.  [+]
Improve your cross-selling abilities with up-to-date knowledge of commercial property coverage, and learn how to qualify a risk and reduce E&O exposure.  Overview of the ISO CPP, all property coverage forms, building & personal property forms, cause of loss forms, overlooked endorsements and more. [+]
People in the US are living longer today than ever before. They want to enjoy life, travel, hobbies, and their families not only during their working careers, but also once they’ve stopped working. Their retirement money needs to be sufficient to allow them to pursue these activities, as well as face the health consequences of getting older. The amount of money needed to address these issues needs to last much longer than it did in previous years. That requires careful advance preparation. In this course, we will discuss that preparation, and investigate the history and future of retirement planning. [+]
Analyze significant coverage issues encountered when writing workers compensation insurance. Discuss the legal concepts of the Workers Compensation system and the four primary benefits available to an injured worker. Examine the NCCI Workers Compensation Policy Part One: Workers Compensation, Part Two: Employers Liability, and Part Three: Other States Coverage.  And more... [+]
This is a two-part webinar. Qualifies for SwissRe credit.   Part 1: Participants will be guided, step by step, through the process of how to read and understand insurance policy language. They will also discover how to apply basic coverage analysis to identify possible gaps in coverage. And More...   Part 2:This course is designed to help students understand advanced coverage issues. Liability & Property issues will be covered. [+]
Evaluate the differences that exist between two broad categories typically referred to as the Personal Auto Policy (PAP) and the “Non-Standard” or “Special” PAP (SPAP). The SPAP is used when the carrier wants to develop very competitively priced auto insured products, and is also used to limit coverage for a driver who has a less than satisfactory driving record, limit coverage if the applicant has unknown resident driver exposures, and to exclude certain business activities. [+]
Cyber risk insurance products vary significantly, so it is important that you have the tools to evaluate the competition and assist your client in assessing the insurance coverage options available. Key issues addressed during the seminar include: changing regulatory issues, the need to protect trade secrets, proprietary information, e-business activity, pitfalls in coverage and so much more... [+]
Don't miss John Dismukes as he presents in Kearney, Norfolk and Mahoney. AM Session: Issues with Answers; Commercial PC. PM Session: Closing the Communications Gap- Loss Prevention vs Mitigation. *CE fee is $1 per credit hour. [+]
The 22nd Annual Golf Tournament is at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Eagle, Ne. [+]
Foundation Golf at Woodland Hills, Up to 19 CEUs*, (personal, commercial, CISR, E&O and Marketing/Sales), Trade Fair with 50+ exhibitors and the Annual Awards Dinner. [+]
Be a sponsor and/or have an exhibitor booth at IIAN's 110th Annual Convention at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, NE on Oct 11-13, 2017.  [+]
Holiday Inn, Kearney [+]

Things You Should Know About From IIAN's Staff

Check in every week for useful tips and to see what's happening at the Nebraska Big "I"![+]

June 30 E-Bulletin

 Catastrophe Losses for 2017; Fiduciary Rule "Impartial Conduct Standards"; Nebraska Insurance Department Caution to Consumers; IIAN New Talent Survey; IIAN Summer Board Meeting highlights[+]


July 2017 Issue [+]

Big “I” Announces Leadership Changes

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, July 13, 2017–The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) announces that Charles E. Symington Jr. will now serve as the association’s senior vice president for external, industry and government affairs. [+]

Trusted Choice® Announces New Executive Director

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, July 12, 2017–Trusted Choice®, the consumer branding program for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”), has promoted Kevin Brandt as its next executive director. [+]

InVEST Awards 76 Academic Student Scholarships

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, July 11, 2017– InVEST, the insurance industry’s premier classroom to career education program, has awarded $75,500 in scholarships to 76 students pursuing insurance-related degrees. The program is a key incentive in attracting new talent to the insurance industry. [+]