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MLIS Designation


MLIS Designation

MLIS Logo.jpgBig "I" Nebraska and ABEN are pleased to now offer a five-part Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) program in partnership with International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI®). 

The specialized MLIS curriculum focuses specifically on directors & officers (D&O) liability, employment practices liability (EPL), and fiduciary liability insurance. 

Management liability exposures and coverages are complex, and insurance generalists frequently make errors in designing programs for their clients. Completing the MLIS curriculum will ensure that the agent, broker, consultant, or in-house risk manager or insurance buyer understands the most important aspects of professional and management liability.

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How to Earn the MLIS Designation

The core curriculum for the MLIS program consists of five parts:

  • Core Cyber and Privacy Liability Exposures and How to Insure Them
  • EPL: Understanding the Exposures and Insurance Coverage
  • Fiduciary Liability: What You Need to Know About Exposures and Insurance
  • How to Insure D&O Liabilities
  • Understanding D&O Exposures

To qualify as a holder of the MLIS certification, participants must complete all five courses and pass the corresponding online examinations (with a minimum score of 70%) within five years. Each course is independent of the others, and you may complete them in any order you choose but we do provide a suggested order at time of purchase. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the MLIS certification to certify their knowledge of management liability insurance.

MLIS Certification Renewal

Completing the core curriculum qualifies you to use the MLIS certification for 12 months. To maintain the certification, the MLIS certification-holder must complete only 6 hours of approved professional or management liability insurance continuing education credit every 12 months.

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