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Jul 07
Wisdom Comes From Those Around You

I often listen to podcasts on my commute between Lincoln and Omaha, or out on the open road when I am heading to visit members. One of my favorites is the Ted Radio Hour. Click here to check them out. The podcast takes pieces of several TED talks and relates them back to a single topic ranging from why some people become champions and others don’t to the mysteries of the human brain. Recently they discussed what it means to be wise. That got me thinking and I started doing some research to find out what others believe it means to be wise. To my surprise I found that there is no one definition, or understanding of the topic. I thought one of the TED presenters said it best.  “Wisdom is the information you get from other people that have already been there.”
Throughout my life I have always tried hard to learn from everyone I encounter. My bosses, my co-workers and friends and my family have always been great sources of wisdom. My current boss, Carol McClelland, CEO of IIAN, is someone who always seems to have been there. Rarely does a day go by that Carol and I don’t talk and nearly every time I have a question, she has an answer. I wish I had enough time to gather all of the information she has, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.
As young professionals enter the insurance business, it is important to always remember that more often than not, someone else has already been there. Taking time to find that person and gather information from them will ultimately set you on the path to becoming wise. Most of the young agents I encounter are excited about their new career and ready to set the world on fire. In many cases that means the desire to change things that are already in place, make things better, improve efficiencies, workflows and production models.
Just a quick word of caution to those looking to make changes. There is always a new model being talked about that is the hot ticket to writing more business. Most that I read about aren’t revolutionary, but just an improvement, or a change to an old system. Taking the time to gather the wisdom from those who have already been there and built the system in the first place will make the decision to change or not to change a lot easier.
Wisdom is often the key to success. Those around us are the best source of that wisdom.  Whether it is a decision to change something that is already happening or create something new, the information from those that have already been there is essential for success.
Who in your life is your best source of wisdom? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.


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