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CareerPlug_Logo_FullColor_RGB.pngFinding and hiring the right staff to maintain and grow your business is an important key to your success, and likely your biggest challenge. 

IIAN is now partnered with CareerPlug, our recruiting software of choice, to support all IIAN members in hiring.  CareerPlug provides an easy-to-use system that automates many of the tedious, manual steps of the hiring process. Over 180 franchise brands and associations (12,000+ clients) rely on them to consistently hire and develop the right talent. 

Did you know? A FREE CareerPlug Basic account is one of the benefits included in your Big "I" Nebraska membership!

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2022Pricing.pngFor the BEST exposure on the top job boards  (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, etc.), and additional features, upgrade to CareerPlug Pro at an exclusive partnership rate.  IIAN recommends that members upgrade to the “Pro” version if you have urgent or upcoming hiring needs!

In 2022, CareerPlug's annual Pro subscription rate is increasing from $495/year to $595/year, but will include the texting feature, which was previously an add-on feature for $120/year.

IIAN member NBISCO Agency Services, insurance arm of Nebraska Bankers Association, recently found success using CareerPlug to land the right hire for their team! 

“CareerPlug helped us to be more efficient and streamlined in our evaluation, interview and hiring process,” said Mitch Florea, Senior Vice President at NBISCO Agency Services.  

Florea said upgrading to CareerPlug Pro was worth the investment.  

“The most useful feature was an upgraded account which posted to all of the major job sites – saving us time and money,” Florea said. “The cost for a 30-day posting on one top job site was the same as an annual upgraded account at CareerPlug.”  


Simplify your hiring process and connect with the greatest amount of job seekers by upgrading to CareerPlug Pro. This investment can help you find the right staff to maintain and grow your business!   

Need help using CareerPlug? Click here to get helpful how-tos!