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In Home Business


In Home Business

The RLI In-Home Business Policy (IBP) is a stand-alone policy, which offers more coverage than a standard homeowners endorsement for a much lower price than a traditional BOP. Medical payments and business interruption protection are two key fringe benefits, in addition to the optional coverages available.

IBP features:
  • Up to $1 million business liability protection 
  • Medical payments of $5,000 per person to customers and vendors injured on premises
  • Business interruption coverage included automatically 
  • Deductible starting at $250
  • Comprehensive coverage for business personal property, with theft coverage included. Business personal property coverage limit of $5,000 is automatic for both on-premises and while the property is temporarily off-premises
  • Optional coverages are available: money & securities, additional insureds, and business personal property in excess of $5,000 (identical limits for on-premises and off-premises provided) 
  • No agency volume requirements 

*To write RLI business, your agency must be appointed by RLI Insurance and maintain a minimum E&O limit of $1 million

Staff Contact:
Brenda Kaiser, CIC, AAI

*Please send submissions to Brenda, or contact IIAN to setup electronic submissions to RLI underwriting