CISR and Sales Designations

​Working professionals use credentials to prove their value to employers and clients. Like a college degree, professional certifications may also be required for some jobs. Becoming certified may increase your credibility and influence as an expert in a certain professional field.
Professional designations signal a commitment to your career while representing accomplishment and expertise with the insurance community.
Becoming certified may increase your credibiility and influence as and expert in your professional field.
Professional certification helps hone skills and build knowledge and has the potential to lead to increased earning potential. 
IIAN offers the following options for Professional Certification.

IIAN manages the Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation program in Nebraska.  CISRCalendar_image.png

The CISR Program trains new agents and CSRs to better understand and analyze risks and exposures. There are nine courses offered through the CISR program.  

Program Eligibility
Anyone working in the insurance field is eligible to participate the CISR program. Because course content thoroughly addresses all aspects of risks and exposures, the courses are particularly beneficial for new agents, as well as newer agency and company personnel.                    
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 Course Information:

 Agents may choose any five of the nine courses to earn their CISR designation: 
  • Commercial Casualty I - CGL, Additional Insureds
  • Commercial Casualty II - BAP, WC, Excess Liability
  • Insuring Commercial Property
  • Insuring Personal Auto Exposures
  • Insuring Personal Residential Property
  • Personal Lines Miscellaneous
  • Agency Operations
  • Elements of Risk Management
  • Life & Health Essentials   


Benefits of Earning CISR Designation

The Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) program is one of the industry's superior education opportunities. The program empowers agents and CSRs to provide exceptional customer service. Participants receive up-to-date information they can apply immediately in their day-to-day interactions with customers, including a complete knowledge of risks, coverages and exposures, cross selling and account rounding skills.  

Requirements to Earn the CISR Designation

An optional examination is held at the conclusion of each course. To earn the CISR designation, participants must successfully complete five courses and exams within a three-year period
The National Alliance launched the CISR Elite distinction, which signifies agents who have taken extra steps to strengthen their knowledge of the insurance industry. Agents can earn the new CISR Elite distinction by completing all nine CISR courses.   

Requirements to Earn the CISR Elite distinction

After earning your CISR designation, you can pursue the CISR Elite distinction which is achieved by passing the remaining four CISR courses that you had not previously taken for the CISR designation.  The four remaining courses and exams must be completed within a three-year period. Earning you the highest recognition for those in customer service anywhere. 
The latest CISR classes created are:   
  • Commercial Casualty I - CGL, Additional Insureds OR Commercial Casualty II - BAP, WC, Excess Liability (not both- original Comm. Casualty class was divided.) 
  • Personal Lines Miscellaneous 
  • Elements of Risk Management 
  • Life & Health Essentials   (online only in Nebraska) 


Need to know when your CISR update is or what CISR classes you have taken?  Click on the "PROfile" button below to find out. 



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Retaining the CISR Designation and/or the CISR Elite distinction.

 To retain the CISR designation or the CISR Elite distinction, annual continuing education is required. Designees may fulfil the yearly update by one of the following: 
  1. Attending a regular core CISR course, without the exam.
  2. Attending a William T. Hold seminar
  3. Attending a Dynamics of Service seminar

 Online CISR Classes

The National Alliance does offer all of its CISR classes in an online format. Learn in a self-paced environment with mini-quizzes to aid in material retention.  Participants have 60 days from the day of registration to complete the course AND exam.  


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