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Sep 09
Remember Your Audience


I have a confession. I stalk your agency's social media. I know that sounds a little creepy, but I don't mean it to be. Rather, I have been busy all summer helping with the social media efforts at IIAN as their communications intern. That, of course, means that I have been the one behind the screen, spamming your Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In feeds for the past few months sharing updates and information on what is going on in IIAN as well as addressing a concern many of you face in your own offices. How do independent insurance agents use social media to their advantage?

Now, I am no social media expert, nor am I claiming to be one, but I have grown up in the age of social media, and I have taken courses on social media and it's theories in depth at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. There is one staple thing that I think IIAN members truly need to consider when posting. Their audience.

It's a simple concept. You post for those that follow you. But who follows you? And who do you want to follow you? Take into consideration the demographic you are aiming for by using social media, or even just by looking at the demographics you are reaching using Facebook's analytics system. The idea is to cater messages to those people. For them to like and to share and to think about what you are saying, and, eventually, that resulting in brand recognition. When they think of an independent insurance agent, you want them to think of you.

Assuming that you are hoping to generate consumers with your social media, you will want to post things that are client facing. Consider ways that you can help them, ways that you can fit into their lives. Insurance education, timely insurance tips for their car or home during severe weather, or even ways to prevent them from needing to use their insurance in the first place. Create your own content! Write blog posts, and share your own ideas! There are a million ways to use social media and a million tactics to execute. Feel free to be creative and to try something new! But remember who your audience is and craft your messages to cater to that audience. Keep on posting!


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