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Jun 03
Tune-In! We're Making Hiring Easier

Over the last number of years our member-agents number one biggest worry revolves around hiring. Starting with job descriptions, finding a place to post the job, selecting and managing applicants, knowing what to ask and when, and that's all before you even extend an offer.

Well, if any of those have been issues for you in the past, then IIAN has a solution for you!

​Register Here for Webinar!​

Join us on Tuesday (6/15) at 11am CST when our industry partner, CareerPlug, discusses the current hiring climate, modern hiring techniques, and lastly how your agency can utilize your complimentary CareerPlug account.​

​​​Uns​​ure what a Career Plug account can do for you? Click here to learn​ why IIAN partnered with CareerPlug to provide all of our members with the needed to tools to compete in today's hiring climate.


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