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Nov 08
Eight Producers Complete 2023 Elite Force Sales Academy

eliteforce-group.jpgOur Elite Force Sales Academy students are bound to accomplish great things! This week of in-person classes wraps up their year-long journey of becoming more well-rounded insurance producers.

The students (pictured above, left to right) include​ Cristian Perez of Ellerbrock-Norris in Hastings; ​Evan Volzke of Jones ​​Group in Kenesaw; Matt Roetman of Perspective Insurance in Rock Valley, Iowa; Tammy Brodersen of Midland Insurance Agency in Bloomfield; Jim Poppema of Perspective Insurance in Orange City, Iowa; Mason Zimmerer of CFIA, LLC, in Norfolk; Brody Kresak of Generations Insurance Group in Exeter; and Bret Collins of Adams Insurance Advisors in North Platte. 

The fourth and final quarter of in-person class, held Nov. 6-8, was taught by Katie Kochenower, CIC, CRM, AIP, Big “I” Nebraska Director of Education. She also helped each student track their sales goals throughout the course, which began in January. 

It’s been very inspiring to see the growth and change in each of the participants and how they have incorporated concepts from the program into their daily sales activities. It's been very enjoyable to see them succeed,” Kochenower said.  

This week, the students learned about the consultative sales cycle, how to define their unique brand, techniques on closing a sale and more. They’ve had reading and production goals along the way, which has helped them build their book of business and set themselves up for a successful future.  

Volzke said the course has given him a better understanding of the complete sales process, from the first engagement with the customer to binding the policy. And in these market conditions, the course has helped this group of producers identify what risks and what customers are a good fit for their agencies.  ​

The small class size and one-on-one mentorship has allowed them to gain a better understanding of sales tactics while forming strong relationships with fellow agents from across the state. 

“We’ve been able to bounce ideas off each other,” Perez said. “I think that’s probably the best thing that we’ve gained from this class.” 

The students say the class helped them get out of their comfort zone, build self-confidence and improve their time management skills. ​​​

“I’ve taken some of the things we’ve learned in the classroom and applied it to the position of being an agent/producer,” Zimmerer said. “I’ve really grown and have been able to go to a different group of people that I wasn’t comfortable going to before for new business.”  

The Associate in Insurance Production (AIP) designation will be conferred upon students who complete the course and reporting requirements. We can't wait to see the impact they will make at their agencies! 


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