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Dec 22
COVID-19 Vaccine - How Will Offices Move Forward?

Vaccines are starting to roll out in the United States after a long period of quarantine, and people are ready to take them. However, employment attorneys have their hands full with clients that have questions about the process. 

In a sense, the decision to take this vaccine or refuse it can affect more than just those working in your office. At the rate this virus has passed through the country, it could affect a much larger number of individuals.  

“To the extent that this virus is passed through asymptomatic individuals, that means decisions affect not only the employee but also the employee’s family, friends and other contacts. It has the potential to affect 300 million people in this country," said Michael Soltis​,  Quinnipiac University School of Law professor.

While employees may stand on the claim that disabilities and religious reasoning makes them exempt from taking the vaccine, it may be tough for them to battle the mandates that their employers assign to the office. However, lawsuits could come into play on both sides. While some  may try to sue for termination due to not taking the vaccine, others may try to sue for getting sick after the vaccine wasn't mandated by their employer. It is truly confusing, and can lead to conflicts in offices all over the country. Employees without a religious reason or disability may still want to refuse the vaccine, and this may put them in an uphill legal battle as well.

Some say that the CDC should take a stand and determine whether or not they recommend that the employers require the vaccine. An announcement would help give people more peace of mind and give them an idea of how things will go moving forward.

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