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Mar 23
Workplace Impacts of Families First Coronavirus Response Act

​The Families First Coronavirus Response Act goes into effect April 1 and creates two separate Acts, both of which apply to employers with fewer than 500 employees:

  • ​ Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act
  • Emergency Family and Medical Expansion Act

Please click here to learn how these Acts may impact you or your clients.

The DOL has issued important updates for our members to know.  Here are the updates:​

Employee's Rights

Employer's Responsibilities​

FFCRA Poster

Employer Questions and Answers

Other DOL Guidance

Additional updates for members to know:

  *   These leaves are not available to employees with reduced hours, furloughed employees, or employees' whose workplaces are closed. 
  *   These leaves are not available to employees whose workplaces are closed due to a federal, state, or local shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders, or due to business slowdowns. 
  *   These leaves (and payroll tax credit) are not retroactive. Employees are not entitled to pay under these leaves if they were absent or out of work (for any reasons) prior to April 1. 
  *   Both emergency paid sick leave (EPSL) and emergency Family and Medical Leave (EFMLA) can be taken on an intermittent basis in certain situations. 
  *   Employees may not be required to use other forms of paid leave prior to or concurrently with EPSL or EFMLA. 
  *   Employers should keep documentation to show that employees who received leave were actually in need of leave. We await IRS guidance on this.   

Here is a webinar on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the CARES Act 

Families First Coronavirus.jpg 

Also, here are some short, new videos from Affinity HR Group, a Big I Hires partner.  

Critical Federal Resources for Keeping up with Coronavirus:

Things to Consider If Contemplating Layoffs:

Time To Work From Home:


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