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Mar 23
Unicameral Update 3/23/20

​The Legislature was expected to return for its 41st day on Tuesday, March 17th; however, on Monday, March 16th the Speaker suspended the session until further notice. Then on March 20th the Speaker ​reconvened the Unicameral for March 23rd to authorize emergency spending to address the coronavirus pandemic. Read Unicameral report on today’s session.​

If the Unicameral must adjourn again for an extended period prior to passing must-pass bills (e.g., budget items; flood items), then the legislature shall return. However, it is possible that the legislature will not complete all 60 days.​​

Click here to learn more.​

Also, click here to read more about the DOI's notice regarding, Producer Licensing Information Pertaining to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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