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Apr 05
CareerPlug 2021 Hiring Trends Report


CareerPlug has gathered a report of hiring trends to assist our members for the rest of 2021. One of the key takeaways is that businesses consistently reported a “lack of high-quality candidates” to be their biggest challenge. One way to avoid this problem is making sure job posts are visible to a large pool candidates and that the job descriptions grab the right peoples’ attention. CareerPlug’s job board will provide those two very things to our members. Hiring can be difficult, especially during a pandemic, but CareerPlug works to make things a little easier. They want to help you find the right talent for your company to bring things to the next level.

IIAN and CareerPlug have big things coming soon. Most notable is our new job board, which will roll out on April 12, 2021. Our member agencies will be sent activation codes to get started. Stay tuned, and be sure to use our member resources to your advantage!

​Read the 2021 Hiring Trends Report

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