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Apr 26
Cybersecruity Controls: Instead of waiting for the worst, learn from us!

​It's no mystery that last summer IIAN experienced a cybersecurity threat, which was caused by​ an outside party obtaining access to our system. Even if your data or sensitive information isn't corrupted you might still be picking your reputation up off the floor.

The amount of time and energy we spent resolving that cyber issue will never be recouped, and we even had a carrier who specializes in cyber insurance helping us through the entire process.

We wish we could say that we took that grenade for our members and no one will have to experience what we went through, but realistically it's just the start. It doesn't make a difference the size of your agency, book, client list, or where you are located. If you do business online, then you have an exposure that needs to be addressed and so do your customers.

So, turn to us! We can let you know what steps we were adivsed to take to avoid a similar situation from occurring again in the future. The most important step being implementation of a mutli-factor authentication system for our office, which should be an automatic requirement if you have anyone working remotely.

​Simply by protecting who can access your system, you've already made major strides, but there is a long way yet to go. Click here​ to access, The Basic Cybersecruity controls that every company MUST have.​

Yes, there are multiple articles out there dealing with this issue and you probably have read your fair share, but have you accessed any of the Big 'I' technology resources for members?

Click here to access the Big 'I', Agency Cyber Guide 3.0. Included in the guide are compliance roadmaps, regulations, costs/penalties, real-world breaches, and cybersecurity provider listings. Just to name a few.

The important thing to remember this doesn't just impact you, but it's information that should be shared with your clients as well. This actually provides you talking points to discuss your clients cyber exposures, rather than just mentioning "cyber insurance".

P.S. no one is going to by an insurance product if they don't feel like they are at-rish of experiencing a loss to their business.


You can access the Cyber-Readiness Self-Assessment from the Agency Cyber Guide 3.0 home page or go directly to the assessment by clicking HERE

ACT is your partner in providing insights, education, real resources, and links to industry cyber service providers to help your agency be as cyber-ready as possible.​


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