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Jun 10
Don't Just PAC it in! Make a Difference

​Now, more than ever before, your voice needs to be heard in Washington D.C. and Lincoln!  ​

​Click to learn about the purpose of PACs

By the fact that as an independent agent, you work and make your living in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, you are involved in politics.  

Every year, laws are passed and regulations promulgated that impact your clients and affect your abililty to make a living.  Sitting it out is not an option for any of us.  If you are in the insurance business, you are in politics!​

Effective lobbying and well-funded PACS go hand-in-hand.  At the end of the day, PACs are able to speak with a collective voice that is much louder than that of an individual.  Your political investment allows your presence to be felt as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with numerous special interests - some hostile to the insurance industry.

Click to make a difference at the National level

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