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Oct 12
CareerPlug Publishes Candidate Experience Report

2021-Candidate-Experience-Report-1-image.jpg​As small business owners face a post-pandemic shortage of applicants to their open roles, it’s more important than ever for them to focus on creating a great candidate experience to attract talent. 

According to Desiree Echevarria of CareerPlug, candidate experience can be defined as the experience a candidate has with a potential employer throughout the hiring process, from job posting to job offer. 

CareerPlug surveyed 500 people who’ve applied for jobs within the last year and analyzed their answers about their experience during the hiring process to answer one basic question: “Does candidate experience actually matter?” 

The bottom line: yes. The experience a candidate has with a company’s hiring process ultimately impacts a candidate’s decision to accept or decline a job offer. 

Take an in-depth look at the results of CareerPlug’s survey by downloading the free report. 

Page 14 of the report illustrates an interesting finding about the insurance industry: 98% of job seekers in the Insurance and Financial Services industry rated “atmosphere of the workplace” as a “very important” or “important" factor influencing their decision to join a company.  

Why should employers care? People are retiring from the insurance industry at a high rate. Insurance businesses need to make a strong effort to appeal to job seekers who are earlier in their careers. Focus on becoming a great place to work and then showcase your employer brand throughout your hiring process. 

The 500 people CareerPlug surveyed worked across 11 industries, and this insurance industry data was an outlier, according to Lauren Torregrossa of CareerPlug.  

Become a great place to work with help from the Big “I”   

IIAN offers resources that can help you foster a positive atmosphere at your company. By utilizing Big “I” employee training and continuing education resources, you show that you care about your staff members’ professional development and want to see them succeed.  

During the hiring process, create transparency about compensation and benefits. The Big "I" Employee Benefits program provides full-service group benefits for our member agents. Our program is underwritten by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a multi-line insurance group with many years of experience in the business and administered by a dedicated service team just for Big “I” Members. 

IIAN’s Nextgen chapter brings together young insurance professionals across Nebraska by hosting virtual Lunch N Learn webinars, raising funds for charitable causes and networking at in-person IIAN events. 

Regardless of the state of the job market, the best candidates will always have the ability to be picky about where they want to work. If you understand what candidates want out of a hiring process, you can put your business at a significant advantage in any job market. 

Every IIAN member receives a free CareerPlug account that comes with a branded careers page, pre-built job templates and a configured hiring process. ​Connect with the greatest amount of job seekers by upgrading to CareerPlug Pro. This investment can help you find the right staff to maintain and grow your business!   ​

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