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Nov 29
Big “I” Nebraska Partners with GloveBox

Big I NE Partnership Announcement (1).pngWe are thrilled to announce our partnership with GloveBox! This collaboration gives Big “I” Nebraska members the opportunity to be at the forefront of providing self-service technology to their clients with the power of GloveBox.  

This mobile and web application is the only client experience platform (CXP) for independent agents and is used as a core system inside the agency. You can now use GloveBox’s agency-branded, carrier-connected CXP to do the following features and functionalities: 

  • A sleek and simple interface that you can be proud to offer your clients 
  • Direct to carrier connections for live policy documents and data, direct billing and direct claims reporting functionalities 
  • Fully customizable quote and service capture capabilities 
  • Amazing ecosystem of a master platform, location platforms and agent platforms fully customizing the experience for your who they like to work with at your agency 
  • Simple and automated client setup with no login/password needed 
  • and so much more…   

With our partnership, IIAN members receive a 20% discount off their monthly rate for utilizing GloveBox. 

Click here to visit IIAN’s very own GloveBox landing page, where you can schedule a quick demo with our GloveBox Guru, Nicole, view special partner pricing and watch testimonial videos. 


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