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Jan 14
Legislative Update: Senators hear governor's priorities for the session


The L​egislature completed Day 7 of the 60 day session on Thursday, Jan. 13.  

Click here​​ to see a report of bills that IIAN's Legislative committee is watching.

Already, the Nebraska legislature has:

  • Debated a school choice bill and took it to a cloture vote.  (It only received 28 of the 33 votes necessary to advance.)
  • Debated and advanced a resolution whereby Nebraska would join a call for a Convention of the States.  (It's scheduled to be heard on the second round of debate next week.)
  • Advanced a bill amending the Nebraska Inheritance Tax rates. (It received 40 votes.)
  • Introduced 371 new bills. (The final day to introduce bills is Thursday, Jan. 20)
  • Listened to the Governor's State of the State address

Speaker Hilgers reminded us this week the legislature is only in session one five day week before late nights begin.  (A late night is when he schedules the body to debate past 5:00 p.m. – and sometimes as late as midnight.)

 In his remarks to the legislature and the people of Nebraska, Gov. Ricketts outlined four priorities for the session…tax relief, public safety, protecting water resources and growing the state using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. To that end, he submitted a second budget recommendation with proposals on how to spend ARPA dollars. Public hearings on the budget bills and the ARPA bill are scheduled for Jan. 24.

Speaking of public hearings, they begin on Tuesday next week when the legislature reconvenes after having a long week for the Martin Luther King holiday.  Unlike the other 49 states, every bill in Nebraska receives a public hearing.  Next week, 57 bills are scheduled to be heard across 10 of the 14 standing committees.

To nobody's surprise, many of the bills that have been introduced are ideas to take advantage of the ARPA dollars.  Even with over $1B available, there isn't going to be enough to fund all of the proposals.

For the next two months, the legislature will convene on the floor in the morning for debate and spend the afternoons in committee hearings.  The agenda for Tuesday can be seen here.  The committee schedule for next week is also included. 

The Nebraska Insurance Federation has agreed to strike a section from the model rebate bill per IIAN's request.  It has not yet been introduced.​

If you have any questions, contact Perre Neilan at 402-430-2942 or ​​​


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