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May 11
2 UNK Students Awarded Mark Lisko Big 'I' Nebraska Scholarship

UNK-official.jpgPhoto Courtesy of UNK ​

Pictured above: Theresa Yaw, UNK Professor of Economics; Rylee Huff and Clara Schindler, Mark B. Lisko Big "I" Nebraska Scholarship recipients; Jon Hongsermeier, IIAN Foundation President at UNK Scholarship Night on May 6.  

UNK2 (2).jpgThe University of Nebraska at Kearney's College of Business and Technology presented more than $525,000 worth of scholarships to 93 students at the annual awards ceremony on May 6. 

UNK students Rylee Huff and Clara Schindler are the first recipients of the Mark B. Lisko Big "I" Nebraska scholarship​

​​ IIAN Foundation President Jon Hongsermeier got to meet the students as they were recognized during the ceremony. 

The IIAN Foundation, in partnership with the University of Nebraska Foundation, will continue to award this scholarship to two ​students each year. ​​

With your support, we can continue to provide the tools needed to create new career opportunities and fill them with the best students and employees Nebraska has to offer.



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