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Jun 21
Connected Insurance Podcast: Head of IBM shares important research

AR-Mark-McLaughlin.jpeg​Agency Revolution's "Connected Insurance Podcast" provides bi-weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth.​

​​​In the m​ost recent episode,​ Mark McLaughlin, General Manager of Insurance at IBM, discusses what 12,000 insurance execs reported as the top driver affecting their business. 

Market forces continue to shift and agents who want to thrive in the future must be ready for change as the market demands it.  McLaughlin reveals the direction their research shows the wind is blowing—and the response agency principals must have today.

Listen to this discussion for Mark’s powerful insight: 

  • What 12,000 insurance execs reported as the top driver affecting their business
  • How the customer experience across other industries is forcing insurance to play catch-up
  • Why more consumers are judging agencies by the experience and not the product
  • How savvy agents are standing out from other channels and increasing customer loyalty

Agents who want to lead their enterprise into a thriving future should make this discussion a top priority today.​​

You can listen to this and Agency Revolution's past episodes ​on Apple Podcasts, Google​ Play, Stitcher and Spotify. 


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