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May 26
Why The Insurance Industry Should Adopt Sales Video

​Face to face has been the best way to gain new clients for years. You are able to develop a personal connection, which helps pitch your side well. With social distancing, however, those who leaned on face to face communication may be having troubles. For now, we can't take a potential buyer out to dinner, meet someone for golf, or give a pitch at an event.

How can we adjust? Sales using video messaging can help get the job done. It helps develop the same feel that face to face communication has with much less risk during this time. Has your agency been using video?

There's 5 reasons why it is a good idea to use sales video now:

  1. Video Adoption is Accelerating due to COVID-19​
  2. Because You Can
  3. Seperate Your Sellers from Competitors
  4. Show Customers That You Care
  5. Measure Contribution to Sales Results

Now, video sales are more important than ever. Don't be late to the party!

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