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Apr 25
Partner Spotlight: SFM Mutual Insurance

We’re proud to share a new Partner Spotlight, showing IIAN members how our Industry Partners are assisting agents and supporting their Association. 

SFM-sign-day.jpgToday, we’re featuring SFM Mutual Insurance, one of our Gold Partners. 

1) What role does your company play in the independent insurance channel?

SFM Mutual Insurance enjoys doing business with independent agents. Overall, our underwriters work closely with our agency partners to ensure their clients are supported in their effort to keep employees safe. The types of organizations SFM writes, including premium size, are broad enough to be any agent's primary workers' compensation market.  

2) When should agents turn to you for assistance?

We hope agents will come to us with questions at any time. As a monoline workers' compensation carrier, we are focused on providing quality service to our policyholders and agency partners. SFM is happy to share our extensive knowledge of workers' compensation with agents and we encourage agents to reach out with questions they have regarding their clients or the workers' compensation market.

SFM writes a wide variety of classes of business ranging from main street business, such as local churches, contractors and restaurants; up to larger organizations, including hospitals, manufacturers and k-12 school districts. Get in touch with your SFM underwriter to receive a more extensive hitlist.

3) Why do you feel your organization is the right partner for the job?

Year after year, SFM has a 95% or higher policyholder retention rate. Employers keep their workers' compensation insurance with SFM because of our exceptional service and our dedication to keeping people safe and getting employees back to work after an injury does occur. We also consistently hear from agents that SFM makes it easy to do business with us. We value that feedback, and we work hard to maintain our high level of customer service.

SFM is committed to helping agents write and retain business with a common-sense underwriting philosophy that makes your job easier. Once we bind coverage, we are focused on giving your insured the workplace safety resources and claims assistance they need to support their employees.   

4) Where should agents go to get their questions regarding your company answered?

Your SFM underwriter will be happy to answer your questions. Contact them directly or go to for more information about our business, and additional ways to contact us. 

IIAN is happy to have SFM Mutual Insurance as one of our top partners! To learn more about the company and what they can offer you, visit their website at



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