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May 15
Nebraska Department of Insurance Creates Pet Insurance License

pet-insurance.pngOn April 18, the Nebraska Unicameral passed LB296​, which created a regulatory structure for the sale of pet insurance in the state. 

To help ease entry into selling pet insurance, the Nebraska Department of Insurance (NDOI) created a new pet insurance license.  

“The words 'pet insurance' being tossed around online, the insurance-buying public can feel overwhelmed with all the different insurers and policy types,” said NDOI Director Eric Dunning. “We hope that by creating this new pet insurance license, agents across Nebraska can become educated on the different pet insurance products and help policyholders find what product works for their pets.” 

Those interested in the new license must apply to become an insurance agent at NIPR. 

Active and future property and casualty insurance agents can still sell pet insurance under their property and casualty license.  

Pet insurers must train Nebraska agents on the coverage and conditions of their various policies before the agent may sell their product. The training should include information about pre-existing conditions, waiting periods, differences between pet insurance and non-insurance wellness programs, disorders and conditions, and administrative items.  

For more information about becoming a pet insurance agent in Nebraska, please visit or call the NDOI at (402) 471-2201.  


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