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Jun 24
Diversify Your Team, Diversify Your Portfolio

​Diversity shouldn't be new to anyone, and it should be something will all strive to do and be. A study by researchers at MIT​ found diverse teams beat teams comprised of like-minded individuals every time (on issues such as office satisfaction, coorperation, and morale). 

A report from McKinsey, "Why Diversity Matters", further expands on the idea that companies with a diverse workforce tend outperform and experience higher financial returns when compared to a non-diverse workforce.

If a businessowner has failed to make a conscious ​effort to embrace diversity, it is not too late, and here are some tools for building an inclusive work environment:

1) Find out what your company culture is really like by evaluating your day-to-day operations.

  • Make the effort to ensure that office management and culture building is evenly distributed amongst everyone in the office.
  • Empower employees to make the choices that are right for them when it comes to when and where to work.
2) Consider diverity in the job hiring process.
  • Use gener-neutral language that appeals to people from different backgrounds.
  • Job description; don't describe a candidate, but rather the job itself.
  • Have tough conversations about breaking away from biases.
  • Limit employee referrals.
3) Evaluate your onboarding experience.​
  • Define what diversity means to your company and incorporate that message into your onboarding.
  • Teach managers how to accommodate different communication styles and ensure procedures are inclusive.
  • Evaluate welcome packages
  • Create a safe channel for feedback from the start.

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