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Oct 15
Personal Loss Control: How Telematics is Reducing Losses

Personal Loss Control - How Telematics is Reducing Losses Graphic.png

"Insurance companies are faced with a unique challenge, as they need to predict costs in advance of the cost occurring. This course will provide a basic overview of the coverages invoked in the auto insurance policy, review methods that insurers use to mitigate risk, and discuss how technology is being used by insurers to manage losses by improving risk."

Big "I" members now have access to a webinar that focuses on the evolving world of telematics, "Personal Loss Control: How Telematics is Reducing Losses". This is an evolving area in the insurance industry, so make sure you stay ahead of the curve, plus this course qualifies for 2 CE hours in NE. Use the discount code above to save $10 ​on the purchase.

Click here to register for this course

Oct 15
Easy Settings You Can Check to Ensure Zoom Security

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Zoom has become a service that plays an important role in our day-to-day professional lives. One big problem that still occurs is called "Zoom Bombing." This is when someone gets into your Zoom call uninvited and makes a disturbance. How inappropriate they can get only depends on how far their imagination can go. There are a few easy tricks and changes you can make to help prevent this kind of thing from happening, and keep your meetings at peace.

1. Enable Security Settings on Zoom.Us

  • ​If you do not have a Zoom account, sign up for one so you can adjust security settings.

2. Enable Waiting Room

  • You can customize this waiting room any way you see fit for those waiting to join the meeting.

3. Require Passcodes
  • If you go down the list in the security settings, you should find a switch to turn on passcode requirements.  You can also make it so that those with the link can join without a passcode by turning on "Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join." That way, those with the link can just hop in right away, and those intruders without a link are left locked out.

4. Control Your Personal Meeting ID
  • ​​If you have a Zoom account, you have a Personal Meeting ID that is exclusive to you. Keep this between you and your colleagues. Otherwise, a randomly generated one will be more safe for those meetings with larger groups.

5. Control Your Participants

  • In the settings, you can control who can share and who can annotate.

6. Enable Co-Hosts
  • Flipping this switch will allow the host to add co-hosts that have the same controls in the meeting. This can help with figuring things out if chaos ensues in your meeting.

7. Verify Security Once You Start the Meeting
  • Your general security settings will work on all of your meetings, but there are certain settings you can still change once your meeting is started. Options are more limited, but it can be helpful.

Click here​ to read the full article.

Oct 14
2020 Best Practices Study Update Available Now

​Best Practices has been around since 1993, assisting agencies and providing resources to increase value and help to provide better service to clients and partners. 

Now, the 2020 Best Practices Study Update is available. A complimentary copy is available here. Results in the 2020 Study are based on agencies' 2019 performance. 

​This year, Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston in Grand Island and UNICO Group based in Lincoln, were part of an outstanding group of 264 agencies across 45 states qualified as Best Practices Agencies. Each of these agencies submitted extensive financial and operational data for review after having been nominated and selected in 2019. These firms represent the highest performers based on their growth and operational excellence.

We hope you find this resource helpful! There is also an annual report of the 2020 Best Pracitces Agencies, which you can view here​.​​


Oct 14
Life Insurance Trends To Watch

​The annual 2020 Insurance Barometer study has given us more insight on consumers' financial and insurance wants and needs. There are 3 key trends that stick out.

1. People are learning that life insurance is truly personal.

  • ​​While 9% less people own life insurance now, this is mainly due to employer-paid group coverage being in decline. Individual life insurance ownership has risen by 15% since 2011. It is important to let your clients know that individual coverage is more secure in the long term for individuals, businesses, and families. It may be more work, but taking this responsibility can help keep one better protected.

2. You've got to be virtual. 
  • ​You have likely heard this time and time again, but virtual business is on a rapid rise. Online life insurance purchases rose by 12% since 2011. Do you keep your online presence fresh? How easy is the navigation? It is important to make sure that you can easily be contacted through online methods. Social media presence is also very helpful, as it provides more channels for you to communicate information to potential clients.

3. Annuities are appealing, but your expertise is needed.

  • ​People are not purhasing annuities because they are confused about them. 63% of prospective buyers said they were unsure about what types of annuities to buy or how much to buy. The informative advice about annuities that you can provide may be what sets them right. People are aware that annuities are important, but it takes a good agent to actually push the sale into completion. 

Click here​ to read the full article.

Oct 14
Fall 2020 Flood Insurance Manual Workshop

​Nebraska is having biannual workshops every October and April in order to address updates and changes in the Flood Insurance Manual. Risk Rating 2.0 will be revealed soon, which will be a new method of rating flood insurance, and these workshops will help to provide more information on this. Other topics, such as writing claims, selling policies, or other relevant issues will also be addressed. 

The first workshop is on October 29th at 2:00 PM.It has been approved for 1 CEU in Nebraska.
 And it's free!  To register, visit the registration page​ and get yourself signed up. 

​Below is the agenda:

  • Welcome and Introductions          Chuck Chase- Outreach Coordinator for Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
    • Welcome and announce that this will be a brief discussion of changes to the Flood Insurance Manual and any other announcements or issues that may need to be disclosed.
  • NDOI Comments and Issues         NDOI Rep and/or Bruce Ramge Director of NDOI
    • Nebraska issues
    • Announcement about National Flood Insurance Day-           Susan Nickerson: Disaster Recovery Coordinator for Nebraska Department of Economic Development
  • Flood Insurance Manual Changes and Trending Issues   Chris Parsons- Insurance Liaison for FEMA R-VII
    • No changes this month, and we expect few in April, but if changes are made they will be worth noting.
      • This is because FEMA is preparing to unveil Risk Rating 2.0 (more on that later) and until then changes to the manual will be kept at a minimum and limited to items of importance.
    • Discussion of the layout of the manual and what an agent may find useful in each chapter
    • Color codes of changes when new manuals come out and what the color codes represent
    • Discussion of trending NFIP issues with claims and policy writing.
  • Risk Rating 2.0           Chris Parsons
    •  15 minute intro to this new way or rating flood insurance and possible timelines for its implementation .
  • Q&A for FEMA, NDOI, and NeDNR 5-15
  • Closing, Thank-You's, and invite to April 15 Spring 2021 Flood Insurance Manual Workshop and instructions/reminders about CEUs if needed 2-5 min          Chuck Chase

Oct 13
Make-A Wish's 2020 Couch Concert

Couch Concert.jpg

Make-A-Wish is having their Couch Concert on October 14, and IIAN is a proud sponsor of this event. ​Enjoy a live concert by Brian Scully from Dalton & the Sheriffs, all from the comfort of your own home. Brian and the band have been openers for Sam Hunt, Lee Brice, and Old Dominion in the past. To get more info and purchase a ticket, visit the Make-A-Wish Nebraska website. There is also an ongoing auction up until that night. We hope to see you there, virtually of course!

Oct 09
Agency Mergers and Acquisitions Can Lead to E&O Issues

​Mergers and acqusitions in the insurance industry nowadays are almost as common as quoting, binding, and issuing new business. There has been a large push by local, regional, and national agencies to pursue buying other agencies.

​These acquistions are done for several reasons, some may purchase an exisiting book to acquire a new market or carrier appointment, some might want a larger market share in a particular region, and some just believe the best way to grow is to buy an exisiting agency.

All these points are valid and can benefit a purchasing agency, but it is very important to consider potential E&O claims that may arise of the selling agency's book of business.

Click here to read an article published in the Big I Magazine, which discusses potential exposures and solutions to minimize an E&O claim when purchasing a book of business.​

E&O Happens

Oct 08
Acuity Integrates Talage's Wheelhouse

​Talage announced that Acuity Insurance, based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin​, succeeded in integrating Wheelhouse to give their company more high-quality digital tools to work with. 

Acuity is well-known ​for supporting independent agents in both technological and process improvements in order to raise productivity. Wheelhouse is a huge addition for them, since it simplifies a lot of the quoting process and handles it digitally. Acuity made a great choice by implementing this technology, and Talage is hopeful that more agencies will follow in their footsteps.

Click here to read more about Acuity's implementation of Wheelhouse

Click here​ to read more about the launching of Wheelhouse.

To learn more about Talage, click here to view their partner directory page.​

Oct 08
Mark Lisko Wins 2020 Chairman's Award


The late Mark Lisko was honored with the IIABA Chairman's Award this in September. The Chairman's Awards are given to those who contribute greatly to independent agencies and the Big "I",  and it is a sign of an individual's great impact on the industry.  We thank the national association for bestowing such an honor on one of our beloved colleagues.

Check out this video to see Mark being honored with the award.

Click here to read more about the award and its winners​

Oct 08
IIAN Endorses Unicameral Candidates

Lincoln, Neb. (Oct. 8, 2020) -- The Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska (IIAN) today announced its endorsement of candidates for the Nebraska Legislature.  IIAN’s endorsements represent the concerns of hundreds of homegrown small businesses, and the interests of Nebraska consumers statewide.   “We commend these candidates for their pro-consumer stance on insurance issues,” commented IIAN Legislative Chairman Robert Hoppe of Columbus.  “While we won’t agree 100% of the time on every issue, we look forward to working with each of them to keep insurance affordable and available to Nebraska consumers and businesses.”

The following candidates have been endorsed:

District 1 – Janet Palmtag
District 3 – Carol Blood
District 5 – Mike McDonnell
District 7 – Tony Vargas
District 9 – John Cavanaugh
District 11- Terrell McKinney
District 13 – Justin Wayne
District 15 – Lynne Walz
District 19 – Mike Flood
District 21 – Mike Hilgers
District 25 – Suzanne Geist
District 27 – Anna Wishart

District 29 – Jacob Campbell
District 31 – Tim Royers
District 33 – Steve Halloran
District 35 – Dan Quick
District 37 – John Lowe
District 39 – Lou Ann Linehan
District 41 – Tom Briese
District 43 – Tom Brewer
District 45 – Susan Hester
District 47 – Steve Erdman
District 49 – Andrew LaGrone

The Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska is a non-profit trade association founded in 1907, representing over 2,000 independent insurance agents and their employees throughout the state.  IIAN’s Trusted Choice® members offer their clients choice, customization, and claims assistance with a variety of insurance companies in all lines of insurance – property, casualty, life, and health.
IIAN works with the Nebraska Legislature to improve the insurance climate for consumers and agents.  With member agents in almost every community in Nebraska, IIAN truly represents Nebraska main street business. 
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