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Nov 08
Partner Spotlight: NAU Country Crop Insurance

PartnerSpotlight-NAUCountry.jpgAgriculture is the heartbeat of our state, and crop insurance providers like our Gold Partner, NAU Country, help Nebraska farmers protect their livelihoods.​

Q: What role does your company play in the independent insurance channel?

A: At NAU Country, we see value and stability in the independent insurance industry. Our company is active in the industry and plays an integral role in providing crop insurance awareness through update trainings in the spring and fall, through RMA MPCI and NAU Country Crop-Hail update email notifications, and by sharing industry news via our website and social media platforms. We understand it's vital for our partnering agents to be informed on developing changes through the RMA and prioritize our role in helping them stay connected and in the know.

Q: When should agents turn to you for assistance?

A: Rules and regulations in the crop insurance industry are evolving rapidly, which leaves a lot of room for uncertainty.  NAU Country is proud to assist our agents throughout the crop insurance cycle, whenever they have questions. This can include assistance with understanding new policies and provisions, with quoting premium, support around application questions, production reporting, acreage reporting, and most importantly being available when a loss occurs. Our team is filled with crop insurance experts and we take pride in making our interactions with our partnering agents as thorough as possible.

Q: Why do you feel your organization is the right partner for the job?

A: NAU Country has the history, expertise, and people to provide fast, simple solutions for the toughest crop insurance challenges. There are so many reasons why NAU Country should be your #1 choice for a crop insurance partner. A few highlights include:

  • History. NAU Country Insurance Company was founded by the Deal family. The Deals and members of NAU Country's leadership team are true pioneers. Jim Deal helped initiate the successful partnership between the government and private sector in the early 1980s. The goal was to improve the financial security of our nation's farming community. As a result of these efforts, crop insurance has become the primary risk management tool for the American farmer. We are a strong family with a strong foundation.
  • Expertise. We recently had a National Marketing meeting in Kansas City, MO, and each employee in attendance listed their years of service in the industry. When we tallied the numbers, we had over 1,000 years of experience. Our teams involvement in RMA Committees and industry groups such as AACI, CIPA, and the Big I, help us to know first-hand what initiatives are important to agents and farmers and allow us to advocate and have a voice. We dedicate internal training to specialty programs such as Whole Farm Revenue Protection, Crop-Hail, and Perennials, so that we can be your one-stop insurance provider for all areas of crop insurance. Lastly, we are highly rated, and have strong financial support by our parent company, QBE.
  • People. Our team is committed to crop insurance and our partnering agents. Customer service, dedication to claims, and innovation are important facets in all that we do. We are here to serve our partnering agents, and the American farmer.

Q: Where should agents go to get their questions regarding your company answered?

A: The NAU Country website at provides information on our company, its history and details on agent tools. You can click on the “contact us" tab to fill out a questionnaire for more details or call 763.427.3770 to be connected with an NAU Country team member. Lastly, if you have a local situation and have a connection to an NAU Country Marketing Representative, please feel free to reach out directly. ​

Big "I" Nebraska is proud to have NAU Country Crop Insurance​ as one of our top partners! To learn more about NAU Country and what they can offer you, click h​ere to visit their website.  ​


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