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Course Details


Course Details

Elite Force Sales Academy consists of 16 days of classroom training by experienced Elite Force instructors, completed three days at a time on a quarterly schedule. These in-person classes are augmented by extensive study at home and in the office, using books and videos from some of the industry's best.
The academy
 teaches the full psychology of the sale, not just tricks or gimmicks. The program covers everything from prospecting and goal setting to data gathering and closing.

First Quarter - Nov 15-17, 2021
Perception, Power and Performance - Personal Discovery & Communication
Consultative Relationships - Gaining Long-Term Customer Confidence
The Numbers Game - Goal Setting & Producer Planning
Prospecting - Risk Management Basics, Target Marketing
Time Management - The Most Critical Tool
The Perfect Sale - Components of &Methods To Create It
Plan of Action - Step by Step Process for the Real World

Second Quarter - Jan 31-Feb 2, 2022 
Learning as a Lifestyle - Be Successful Long-Term
Six Steps to Success - The Psychology of Sales
Marketing for Success - Social Media, Target, Niche, & Ideal Customer Marketing
Managing the Sales Process -How do the best become the best?
Referrals - Work Smarter Not Harder
Conflict and Cooperation Overcome Difficult Situations
Third Quarter -  May 2-4, 2022
War Stories - What works and Why?
The Presentation - Polish it for Various Situations
The Negotiation - The Art of Selling Value Through Positive Communication
Case Studies and Practice - Practice Makes Perfect
Team Work and the Case Analysis Strategies for Collaboration & Successful Sales
The Interview - Sales are a Two-way Street

Fourth Quarter - Aug 1-3, 2022 
The Consultive Sales Cycle Bringing it all Together
Branding - Your Unique Brand for Sales Success
Questioning - To Improve Sale Success
To Close or Not to Close - The Logical Conclusion
Objections - How to Resolve Them and Get to the Sale
Motivation for the Long Run Account Maintenance & Personal Motivation

We teach personality traits, negotiation skills, time management, consultative relationship building, and credibility strengthening. 
Several different popular sales techniques are reviewed. Case studies and your own actual experiences are discussed among the group, thus learning from each other's successes and failures.
Plus, you will learn about presentation skills, using the web for prospecting, and how to set, measure and track your sales goals.

NOTE:  Failure to complete the program does not qualify for any refund.  Tuition is fully earned starting the first day of attendance.  

Staff Contact:

Lori Srb


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